The Black Feathers at Camden’s Green Note

With any gig you find yourself at, you will always leave knowing the following two things have been true: you will have experienced (good) music, and you will have paid at least £5 for a pint. Last night at the Green Note in Camden, the line up of Alice Wallace, Raevennan Husbandes and The Black Feathers resulted in the music most certainly being described as ‘good’, but it also added a third element to that list: you will have been told lots of stories.

Because between the three performers, many stories were told last night. Alice Wallace opened the night, with her wonderfully powerful country voice and her guitar, transporting everybody in the room to the States as she sang of her various experiences on tour in the US. While the stories she sang about were certainly no best-selling novel, when told musically Wallace was able to make even the most simple story entertaining and relatable – from the one about being next to “that guy on a plane you just want to shoot” to visiting the ranch of her musical idol – and the results were both charmingly enjoyable and enjoyably charming. An extra special mention must surely be made for her surprising yodelling ability – a technique that Wallace reckons ought to make a comeback to country music. After hearing her lively performance, I’m inclined to agree.

Raevennan Husbandes, who stepped in at the last minute after the listed support artist had to pull out at short notice, demonstrated a musical story-telling ability that would make even the most accomplished story-tellers nervous. Combining a pristine voice with delicate and intricate guitar playing, Husbandes more than stepped into the limelight, even if much of her set felt like a small step down in terms of energy from the yodelling and upbeat tones of Wallace. In spite of this, the singer/songwriter from Lowestoft enthralled the room with a thoroughly enjoyable performance.Watch movie online Logan (2017)

As The Black Feathers took to the stage, it’s clear that there’s something slightly different about this duo compared to others I’ve seen in a similar setting. A lovely alternative-country/folk/americana mix, these guys ooze chemistry and connectivity with both the music and with each other. I’ve rarely seen musicians able to connect to what they’re playing on such a fundamental level, and watching that process was fascinating. As they moved from the stage into the audience, their somewhat dry humour translated into raw feeling which transcended the bounds of the music and employed so much more than just music in their performance.

The Black Feathers are currently touring the UK and will embark on a US tour later this year. For more details on the band, their debut album, and their tour, visit their website. Alice Wallace returns to the States soon after a few more gigs up and down the UK, while Raevennan Husbandes is working on an LP with her band Moulettes.


Feature Image Credit: The Black Feathers