We Believe There’ll Be Peace

Music and Orchestrations Luke Vogel | Lyrics Amelia Hazlett | Completed 2006 | Revised 2007, 2009, 2012

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When I wrote this piece of music back in July 2006, it would be about another 6 months before my first proper lesson in front of a piano – I had spent the previous four years learning at an electric keyboard. It was also designed for the accompanying music for the funeral of Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film series (despite The Half-Blood Prince only having been released in print that year and the film adaptation of the novel not even in planning yet).  What it eventually turned out to be was nothing further from the original than I had dared to imagine.

In April 2007, my music teacher at the time, Anna Casling (then Johnson), spoke to me about an upcoming competition for Peace One Day, in which entrants were to write a piece of music about Peace One Day, and submit it. Ten songs were shortlisted, and on Monday, 10th September 2007, Amelia Hazlett, Becky Patel, Martha Beverly and I, accompanied by our families and Anna Johnson, were on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall, competing to win the competition to perform in the Peace One Day concert two weeks later. Sadly, we didn’t win the competition, but ever since that day, this song has been the most evolved piece of music I have ever worked on. As far as I can remember, this version of We Believe There’ll Be Peace is the fifth version since the one I wrote one weekend in July 2006, and sadly, the scores and recordings of many of these versions have gone missing.

There are so many people to whom I owe a great deal of thanks for their support, help and advice throughout the life of this piece, and for their encouragement when we took to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall. I know I won’t be able to mention everybody to whom thanks are due, but special mention must go to my former music teachers Anna Casling (then Johnson) and Jon Gordon for their compositional advice and technological support, my Mum, Amelia Hazlett for her voice and lyrics, Becky Patel and Martha Beverley, for performing the song with us so brilliantly, and of course their families, for taking the time to support them in every way they can and installing the confidence in us that we needed to go and perform this in such a prestigious venue. Without any of these fantastic people, this piece wouldn’t be what it is, and I wouldn’t be where I am today. So thank you everybody.


Copyright notice: the lyrics in all versions of this song are copyright © Amelia Hazlett 2006-12. All Rights Reserved.