Music Luke Vogel | Completed October 2012 |

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When my friend Robert Parritt gave me the script for Tony and asked me to write a piece of music to go with it, I accepted instantly, without really having any spare ideas to hand. I would go to the auditions and later rehearsals, equipped with my laptop, earphones and a packet of Oreos and attempt to write some incidental music for a scene while simultaneously listen to the actors shout at and abuse each other (all in the name of theatre, of course). And this would happen for weeks. I had plenty of ideas, yet none of them seemed to fit the atmosphere of the script, nor the scene Robert wanted me to score.

About a week before the performance, I went to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where they performed a number of John Williams’ film scores, including his Prayer for Peace from the 2004 Steven Spielberg film Munich. And that’s when I realised that I had taken the wrong approach to scoring the scene and that all it needed was a simple string quartet, a flute and timpani.

Tony was premièred at Brunel University’s termly contemporary arts night art@artaud on November 28th 2012 and is available to view on YouTube.