Symphony in B-flat Major “Schwarzwald”

Music Luke Vogel | In Progress

This is still very much a work in progress. Inspired by the sounds and smells and sights of the Black Forest in the South-Western corner of Germany, where my family live, this Symphony as yet only has one movement which I would call ‘complete’ – I still feel I need to revise parts of it and there are several bars which I am simply not satisfied with. As most of my compositions do, this tells the story of a Journey through the beautiful forest and past some of its amazing sights; the Triberger Wasserfälle, the ruins of various castles (the ruins of Heidelberg Castle really are a must see for any tourist), the hustle and bustle of some of its cities including Freiburg and Baden-Baden, the tranquility of the environment as you journey down rivers such as the Neckar or the Rhine, and the sounds of cuckoos and the making of cuckoo clocks…

I began work on this composition at my Aunt’s house in April 2012, shortly before my IB exams began; in just one weekend I had a more-or-less completed piano sketch of the first movement and a clear outline in my head with regard to what the second, third and fourth movements were doing; by June 2012, I had satisfactorily orchestrated the vast majority of the piece, with the exception of one or two isolated bars (which to this day, I am still not completely happy with).