Lost Secrets

Music Luke Vogel | Completed 2014

There was no plan behind Lost Secrets… it just happened accidentally one afternoon after having completed a broadcast of The Instrumental Hour for Radio Brunel. A solo ‘cello piece, it tells a very vague story of a physical embodiment of a secret, which has been lost and is being searched for, to no avail.

I cannot say what inspired me to write this piece, nor what I was thinking when I thought of the title. The title just seemed to fit, and from there this vague storyline began to evolve. Precisely why I thought of it I do not know… it is as if the deeper workings of this piece are a secret even to me. Perhaps one day I will look back at Lost Secrets and discover what it was that prompted me to write this bit of music, but until that point, it remains a mystery to me as much as it does to the performer.

An audio recording of Lost Secrets will be made available on SoundCloud in due course.