Music Luke Vogel | Completed January 2013 |

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This is probably the smallest combination of instruments I’ve ever written for – just Flute and Piano. A departure from the sort of music I normally write, it uses only the notes D, Eb, F and G sharps, A, B and C, and their enharmonic equivalents. 

GB034 is actually my first composition assignment during my time at Brunel University; perhaps it is because of the brief we were given (modal) that this is so different from everything else I’ve written so far, and it is by no means my favourite composition – no doubt I will revisit this in time to come and tweak certain phrases and ideas. 

I owe my lecturer Dr John Croft an enormous amount of thanks for his advice and feedback; also to Georgia Cooke for not moaning too much about the awkwardness of the rhapsodic sections in the flute part!