Music Luke Vogel and Georgia Cooke | Completed March 2013

Crack is my second collaboration with Robert Parritt and Monster Eye Productions; the first being Tony. I was presented with the brief of creating two very different pieces of music for this play – the first had to sound as dirty as possible using only a very small (and unique) ensemble, the other had to be a very sad piece of music for the same instruments.

I was blessed with the assistance of Lupacante’s flautist and backing vocalist (and also very good friend) Georgia Cooke for the first piece; given the complete departure from the sort of music I’m used to writing, Georgia was able to help keep me on track; indeed, the very first ‘fragment’ of Crack was written mainly by her, hence the credit as co-composer. The decision to write only fragments of the piece and then allow the performers to improvise the rest on these given fragments was made partly as an attempt to give the performers more creative freedom, partly to lend the piece an air of danger and uncertainty, and also partly out of an uncertainty on my part as to where the piece should go musically. I hope it pays off!

The second piece of music I was charged with writing was a leitmotif for one of the characters. Crack – The Silent Girlfriend is based on the silent character Sarah, who’s addict boyfriend Alec cut her tongue out to prevent her from telling anybody he’d raped her. Given the character history, sad and simple music was wholly necessary, and hence the slow moving music, with a simple repeating 8-bar phrase.

I owe thanks to a huge amount of people; to Georgia Cooke for her invaluable assistance in writing the music; to the musicians (Georgia, Christine, Doni, Kingston, Augustin, Stefan and Adam) who took the time to rehearse and record both pieces of music; also to Graeme Shaw for his technical support. Thanks are also due to everybody at Monster Eye Productions who were involved in the production of the play in both creative and administrative roles.