This Universe of Light is Complete!

I’m delighted to announce that my Dissertation Composition – and cause of substantial hair loss and frustration – is complete and submitted!

The past few months have been an incredible musical journey for me and while I’ve certainly had my frustrations at technology and battled with one of the hardest creative blocks I’ve ever experienced, I’m overwhelmed by the result and very pleased with the finished product.

This project became my life for a significant proportion of the months of March and April, and it could not have been completed without the guidance and advice of Colin Riley, whose support helped me to overcome an almost nine month long creative dry spell. I could also have never completed this project if it hadn’t been for the constant support from my mum, Tina, who spent countless hours listening to me moaning about pretty much everything in the world, providing me with food and drink during my short stays at home, and for generally keeping me motivated and helping me to focus on this project, even when I felt like giving up.

I also owe a considerable debt to Ellis Davies, who not only kept me caffeinated, fed and entertained, but shouted random notes at me while I was writing the third movement. Ellis accidentally became my own personal technical support person and fixed my extraordinarily broken laptop – without which this project wouldn’t have even started – translated various error messages and reminded me that “turning it off and on again” is normally the solution to most technical problems.

Special thanks are also due to Becky Collins, Erica Wilson and Eddie Leggatt who all contributed to the shouting of random notes in the third movement; to Molly Lempriere who helped organise a choir for a recording of the final movement; and finally to Georgia Cooke for her invaluable advice and (sometimes harsh) opinions about the music and generally giving me food for thought about what I’ve written.

And of course to everybody else in the world/pub who has put up with my moaning, generally kept me motivated, provided me with caffeine and/or alcohol, and resisted the temptation to punch my lights out when the moaning got too extreme. Thank you all.