Luke has worked as project manager on two Oxjam events in Uxbridge, which have raised a combined total of £1,500 for Oxfam GB.

The Oxjam Music Festival takes place in up and down the country in October of each year, aimed at allowing local artists and members of the local community to come together to put on a night of good-natured fundraising. All the proceeds from Oxjam events go to Oxfam, who work tirelessly towards bringing an end to poverty as well as providing humanitarian relief and aid to those who need it most across all corners of the globe.

The first Oxjam Uxbridge event took place on October 22, 2014 and raised a total of £981.57, which includes a pre-event fundraising total of around £380, from various cake sales and pub quizzes. It is thought to be the highest-grossing Oxjam event of 2014 that was independent of any regional ‘takeover’ events. Watch the 2014 Oxjam Uxbridge video, below, to find out what happened!

The 2015 event raised £580.20 from entirely on-the-night fundraising. The 2015 event was, due to time and geographical restrictions, unable to hold any pre-event fundraising.

Currently there are no confirmed plans for a third event in 2016, but any announcements will be made via social media and on the blog on this website. Keep your eyes peeled!